What should my next URL be?

Nous protégeons

ceux qui ne

peuvent pas se

protéger eux-même.

R . I . P
Allison Argent
1997 - 2014

♡ About Me ♡

I'm a bit of a multi-fandom mess. Mostly Teen Wolf & OUAT. Stanning Emma Swan & Stiles Stilinski till the day I die.Actual future child of Stiles & Lydia Stillinski


Earl Grey Tea, baking, writing, dancing like a spaz and just simply being with my friends ^.^


Sometimes Jeff Davis makes it to this list.

♡ Currently ♡

The following changes a lot


The Maze Runner books (Yes,Again)


Teen Wolf S4
The Fosters S2
The 100 S1
The Outcast S1

Listening to

Tayor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Hardwell, Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande, OneRepublic, Max Schneider, Marianas Trench
& more

Music Player

1.Start of Time
2.Into The Light
3.Emmas Song
4.Truth or Dare

♡ Friends ♡

Internet people are da bomb~

The Killian to my Emma


The Allison to my Lydia


Other Awesome People


My Pack

Follow Forever

1K Follow Forever


The OUAT Network

The Maze Runner Network

The Ugly Duckling Network

♡ Updates ♡

Things you might need to know

Previous URL



Online ~ Offline

Important Notices

I am currently in the process of creating a vid recs page & TV Shows Page

I vividly remember begging someone, anyone, to manip this exsact wedding picture to CS for me so god-bless the person who did… because this is extrodinary x

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