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ceux qui ne

peuvent pas se

protéger eux-même.

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Allison Argent
1997 - 2014

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I'm a bit of a multi-fandom mess. Mostly Teen Wolf & OUAT. Stanning Emma Swan & Stiles Stilinski till the day I die.Actual future child of Stiles & Lydia Stillinski


Earl Grey Tea, baking, writing, dancing like a spaz and just simply being with my friends ^.^


Sometimes Jeff Davis makes it to this list.

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New! Arrow: Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak (Olicity) vid: Say Something by AussyAngelx

This is this vidder’s first Olicity vid, so if you watch, please take a moment to click “Like” to welcome them!  Thanks!


But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving
It’s like I got this music in my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright (insp.)

They were a lovely, lovely group of boys. And there were so many different personalities within them. If I needed like friendship advice, I could go to one of them. If I needed fashion advice, I could go to another one. If I needed to laugh, they were just there. And they would let their girlfriends out so I got to meet loads of really cool girls. —Kaya Scodelario talks about being the only girl (x)


Two years ago my sister was riding on the train during Comic Con and the entire Teen Wolf cast was on the train with her and she went to talk to them and they all basically ignored her except for Tyler Posey who turned around and said “Hi! I’m Tyler!” and immediately launched into a story about how one time he was bored on set so he stripped off all of his clothes and started running around naked backstage and that’s basically why I’ll defend Tyler Posey to the death

Who of the cast enjoys being a sex symbol more?

 players gonna play / haters gonna hate / heartbreakers gonna break / fakers gonna fake / i’m just gonna shake, shake it off

its-aboutbloodytime replied to your post “The lack of well-written Stydia fanfiction makes me want to cry.”

Could you rec some of the good ones you read?

I can recommend you the ones on my fic-recs page! Most of my favourites are written by reportergirl13 (otherwise known as Sxymami0909 on AO3) She has a fantastic writing technique. I can’t be bothered linking to my recs page, but you can easily find it on my blog :)

The lack of well-written Stydia fanfiction makes me want to cry.


exactly how big is the Maze Runner fandom? #reblog dis because im curious

W e ‘l l  f o o l  y o u .
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