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She’s wearing something that’s very soft and feminine and romantic. That’s something that I think has always been a part of her, but she’s always had to have her guard up so much that she hasn’t felt like she could express that side of herself. —

Jennifer Morrison (x)

“It took a man who wears leather and a hook to bring out the feminine side in her!” - Colin O’Donoghue

I hadn’t seen this before! Jen enforced what I said in reply the SQ-er. Emma is wearing this lovely dress because that feminine side of her has always been there. Only now is it revealed, now that Killian has helped her take her guard down.

Emma is now able to express herself freely because of Killian and I think that’s beautiful.


get to know me: teen wolf edition
03/08 favourite characters | allison argent



This is basically what happened.

The Schmidt gif just MAKES this post.




Looking for Emma Swan. Maybe she is with Waldo because she is not in Once Upon a Time Anymore oh wait the last one is in Once Upon a Time Frozen Hook

Emma “bad ass” Swan wore a dress to use her assets to nail the guy she was trying to bust.

The second pic was FAKE. Fake life, fake memories, that Emma was a fake.

Yet you want to justify somehow that the first two are real and the final one is fake when in fact the final one is the only one that is real.

Emma’s in the last one, for the first time in the show, she has no walls. If you don’t like what she’s wearing then you can GTFO with your petty shit.

Way to judge a woman by the kind of dress she’s wearing, like it’s something degrading to wear a flow-ey,romantic dress. Like somehow she can’t hold the gun just the same when she’s wearing it.

If you’re so concerned about Emma’s “whereabouts” maybe you should take your head out of your ass first because you’re not doing any one any favours - not Emma, not yourself and not any other woman.

When it comes down to it, this post isn’t really about Emmas dress. This is actually a 30-something woman, who’s bitter about her ship (Swan Queen) not happening, and is another classic case of someone who can’t see the individual characters past their ship.

There are a lot of these people in every fandom. People who, rather than appreciating the show or its characters as a whole, become jaded and see everything through a pair of black tinted glasses (point is, they’re so dark, that the person wearing them can’t see shit). So what do they do? They get angry. Not only do they attack the ship that’s actually written into the show, they nit pick these little, completely stupid and irrelevant things to negatively rant about (please refer to the post above) on one half of their own ship, because apparently that character is now deemed “delusional” or perhaps “the writers have changed them”, All this simply because things aren’t going their way. A tantrum shipper. Yes. That’s what we shall call them.

Yes, Emma Swan HAS changed. Characters do actually do that, you know? Circumstances and people just sort of happen to them. Over seasons, every character will continue to develop and grow as an individual. They change! Just like real human beings! (imagine that! :O) Emma’s journey with Killian has lead to him becoming one of those big changes in her life. He makes her happy. Not only that, but he brings things out in Emma that she’d buried away or had been deprived of for most of her life. Emma has always been the girl she is now… She is just simply letting her guard down and finally baring all of herself to the person who managed to see through the mask she’d gotten all too used to wearing. That’s what this dress really represents… it’s the ‘Emma Swan is finally happy again’ dress :)It also seemed as if you were implying that Emma has changed and become more feminine for a man. Friendly reminder Emma wouldn’t even wear a sheriff shirt for a man.So what makes you think she’d wear a pretty dress just for a man? From the quote above, I think it’s safe to assume that Emma Swan is a badass, gun wielding princess and she can go on a classy date in a pretty, pastel pink dress if she bloody well wants to.

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